Pelosi Promises to Resign if Trump is Re-Elected

Nancy Pelosi knows she is doomed. Between the multiple investigations against her, her falling poll numbers, and the inevitability of Trump winning another four years, the walls are closing in. She knows her only choice is to run while she still can.

In a speech today, Pelosi said the following:

“I am here today to make an important announcement. If Donald Trump wins in November, I will immediately resign my position as Speaker of the House and as Congresswoman. I will no longer be an effective leader if Trump is there to block my agenda. The only choice I have is to step aside.

I have done all I can to block his work, but my constituents are starting to turn on me and back Trump. I am no longer what the people want. They want Trump, and if they chose him in November, I will step aside and support the will of the people.”

It’s clear that Pelosi is running scared. She can feel the feds closing on on her corrupt schemes and she knows the people have caught on to her.

Senator Soundbite himself, Joe Barron, was delighted to hear the news of Pelosi’s resignation:

“It’s about time. When Trump wins again, she’s gone. That will be the best day in American history since July 4th, 1778. I will be celebrating like Kavanaugh on that day in November. I can’t wait.”

This is great news. Pelosi is as good as gone, Trump will be President for another four years. Life is great.

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